Face Masks

We’ve Got You Covered!

hand sewn, reversible, washable, stylish, cotton

We have many different mask available for purchase at Arts Abound, or you can preorder here from a smaller sampling. The masks come with a bendable nose piece and adjustable straps for your ears for a snug fit.

After donating numerous masks to frontline workers, they are now available for purchase. Quantity discounts available.

See Gloucester Daily Times article

$15 for each mask

To order
1. Email: artsaboundmagnolia@gmail.com

2. Choose from fabrics below; we also have some solid colors—black, gray, royal blue, bright yellow, dark green, light green, eggplant purple, and cranberry red.

3. Indicate if you want a small (will fit most young kids), medium (will fit many adult females) or large size (will fit many adult males). If you don’t find what you are looking for email us and we may be able to offer other fabric styles.

4. Tell us if you want to pick up curbside in Reading, in Magnolia Village of Gloucester, or to have us ship for small extra charge (provide address). 

5. Pay using cash or by check (made out to Arts Abound), or Venmo.

6. Stay safe!

Please note: We cannot legally make any health or medical claims regarding our masks.

Some of our masks…come in and see what else we have!

Glasses fogging up while wearing your mask? Try this…

abstract squares
pink floral
blue abstract
neutral floral
neutral vines
green abstract
lobsters on white background
red circles
abstract fall leaves
vibrant red abstract
cat in the hat
abstract rust floral
crazy cats
pedal on!
day at the beach
coffee beans
dogs on blue background
red floral
orange dots
dogs on red background
always a cat
black & white stripes
black & gray vines
bright pink polka dots
sail away
purple abstract
silly quotes
blue floral
vines on black background
blue & white floral
let it snow
neutral abstract
neutral zig zag
gold leaves
black & gray abstract
pink floral vines
kid’s animals
clouds & moon
breast cancer ribbons
Frozen characters
lobsters on black background
wine time
bike abstract
confetti on blue
soccer balls
abstract branches
blue vines
navy floral