Featured Artist


Audi Souza

Arts Abound is pleased to announce our new Featured Artist, Audi Souza.

Come visit Arts Abound at 21C Lexington Ave in Magnolia Village in Gloucester, Massachusetts to view Audi’s fabulous local paintings. They make perfect gifts for friends, family, or for yourself! She also sells a variety of notecards and prints.

Audi’s Artist Statement
Audi Souza is a representational painter working primarily in acrylics with an emphasis on local landscapes, seascapes and wildlife. She has always been a Massachusetts resident, now living in Gloucester, and these subjects are dear to her.

Audi aspires to understand truth and beauty in her work, whatever the subject matter. One of her favorite artists is Cézanne who said, “truth is in nature, and I shall prove it.” She finds that in nature there are endless lessons, and that in painting nature she can attempt to capture in snippets what God is teaching us through His creation.

She defines her subject through exploration of color, texture, and pattern. Colors find their relationships first on the palette where they are mixed from primaries. She often finds inspiration outdoors where she collects reference photos, then uses memories of observations to bring life to her canvas in the studio. Audi’s interests extend to portraiture, still life, and botanical studies.

Commemorative Sail
Ten Pound Island Boats
Coming Home Again