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I have to create or I go crazy. That is the simplest explanation for what I do and why I do it.

I make art about color and the emotional response to color — how it effects the viewer and the artist. My work is based on my reaction to the natural environment I encounter through my experiences. I see many design (color, line, shape, form, space, balance, imbalance …) relationships and try and express them through different mediums: pastel and acrylic painting, mosaic, encaustic, sculpture and mixed media. 

With global warming changing everything and making many things temporary I now want to preserve what I see and feel through art. I am acutely aware of the impermanence of our environment and how this is impacting us.


Warm Study – mosaic
Yellow Study – mosaic
Gray Study – mosaic
Color study – mosaic

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My real passion is to capture the beauty of nature through the eye of my camera. A native New Englander, my inspiration primarily comes from photographing New England landscapes. I try to capture the uniqueness each season brings along with the magic light that exists. I especially love capturing the beauty of the Cape Ann coastline. I particularly enjoy photographing during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset and also am drawn to images where nature and man made elements meet. Photography for me is all about capturing a moment in time which may never be repeated. I spend a good amount of time driving on backroads or hiking to secluded places to capture the beauty of nature. I also spend considerable time editing my photos to capture what I viewed with my eyes.

My photographs have been published in the Photographer’s Forum Magazine, Cape Ann Magazine, Lowell Sun and Gloucester Times. I am a juried member of Gallery 53 on Rocky Neck, Rockport Art Association, and Newburyport Art Association where my work can be viewed along with the Depot Diner in Beverly and (soon to be shown at) Cape Ann Coffee and Arts Abound. I can make matted/framed photos in a variety of sizes or as framed canvas, metal or glass photos. 

copyright John Abisamra