Artist Statement

Making art allows me to express who I am. I enjoy the time I spend studying a flower petal, observing the lines on a pumpkin, or arranging a still life. It is when I am focusing on the gifts of nature, and not getting carried away with the hurried world in which we live, that I realize creating art is a form of meditation.

I am drawn to painting organics, fruits and vegetables and flowers in particular because of the complexities of the lines and shapes of these objects. Sitting down to draw and analyze these items is a treat, since it gives me an opportunity to see how amazing nature really is. The process of observing and drawing becomes my solace and I can get lost for hours. I admit that I paint solely for the enjoyment of the process and not for the end result. If viewers enjoy my paintings or have an experience as a result of seeing the paintings, that is an additional benefit.

I have had fun creating art since I was a child. I loved getting messy with paints and glue…in fact, I still do!

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork as much as I have enjoyed designing it. Please feel free to email me comments about my work.